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Cherry Flavored Lubricating Fluid, Banana Fruit Flavored Water-soluble Lubricant

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Product information:

Whether to import: No
Product barcode: 6
Shelf life: 3 years
Function: Helping
Item No.: ok
Net content: 100ML
Function and use: lubrication
Product name: Lubricant
Specifications: hose cherry 100mL, hose strawberry 100ML, Zhengtian black and white milk silky 100ML, apple fragrance [with catheter] 100ml, peach fragrance [with catheter] 100ml, lemon fragrance [with catheter] 100ml, hose strawberry Fragrance 50ml, hose lemon scent 50ml, hose banana scent 30ml, hose grape scent 25ml, Zhengtian black and red milk silky 50ml, Zhengtian black and blue milk silky 30ml, hose strawberry scent 200ml [With catheter], Hose cherry scent 200ml [included catheter], hose banana scent 200ml [included catheter], hose sweet orange scent 200ml [included catheter], extension catheter (for 50ML and 100ML)
Age: adult
Material: Liquid

Packing list:

Lubricating oilx1

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