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Business Umbrella Car Logo For BMW Outdoor Styling

$24.14 USD $36.21 USD

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Material: Metal
  • Suit: For BMW Logo
  • Best Summer Gift: The car windshield sunshade adopts a stable umbrella holder, which is convenient and can effectively reduce the temperature of the car, allowing you and your family to enjoy a cool summer.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST VEHICLES: Large size (52 "x 29.9") is suitable for SUVs, Vans, Trucks, Small size (48.8 "x 28") is suitable for most family cars.
  • Easy to Store and Use: The car windshield sunshade can be opened and retracted in a few seconds, and it only needs to be fixed with the sunshade, without sticking, which is different from traditional sunshades.
  • Efficient Protection: High-efficiency silver and titanium coated umbrellas have the functions of thermal insulation and heat protection, which can make the UV blocking rate of the umbrella as high as 99%, keeping the seat of your cool car. Ten bold bone umbrella frames and wrapped umbrella beads enhance quality and ensure safe use.
  • (Less space): When not in use, the umbrella can be folded into the attached leather case and placed in the car storage box without taking up space. It can also be used as an emergency umbrella occasionally.

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