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Biometric Fingerprint Smart Cylinder European Electronic Door Lock

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Black 115mm
Black 100mm
Black 80mm
Black 70mm
Black 60mm
Silver 115mm
Silver 100mm
Silver 80mm
Silver 70mm
Silver 60mm
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • standard:: European Standard 40/40
  • Size options: 30/30 35/35 40/40 60/40 75/40
  • Color:: Silver/ Black
  • Battery Type:: AAA Battery
  • Power Input:: 3.6V-4.8V
  • Battery Replacement:: Replaceable
  • Materials:: 304 Stainless Steel + Aluminum + Plastic
  • 4-8 Digit Support: Support to enter a virtual iron-proof password and enter a random password before or after the correct password, making your door safe.
  • Fingerprint Unlocking: Made of high-quality zinc alloy material, suitable for security doors, doors, wooden doors, glass doors. Withstands 100,000 reliable rotation tests to ensure stable and safe high quality.
  • Quick Installation - Can be installed on any door with a thickness of 2165-4144mm and has industry standard bolt holes with a diameter of 2 / 8in. Each lock is equipped with rubber gaskets to help ensure the safest installation.
  • Mechanical Key Unlock and Emergency Power: The mechanical key and external power connector are saved in case the battery runs out. When the battery is low, the keypad door lock bolt set will sound an alarm and can be controlled by the charging USB charging port temporarily.
  • Long Battery Life: Smart Lock is an advanced smart lock that provides Airbnb integration and high-tech automation features. The auto-lock function sets the time for final security settings. Long-lasting battery that guarantees quality. Easy battery replacement saves energy and is more convenient when closed.

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