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Baby Swaddle Wrap, Newborn Blankets for 0-6 Months Large, Adjustable Infant Sleep Sack, 3 Pack

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Swaddle Your Little One with the Best

Unique, proprietary design safely keeps baby slumbering all night long, making a huge difference in how happy and peaceful the whole family feels when the sun starts to rise so baby feels soothed, calm and quiet. .

The Comfiest

Kiddopark Premium soft cotton breathes better than traditional sleep blankets, keeping baby snuggle warm all winter, then cool and content during steamy summer nights. .

Don’t feel surprised if it’s passed around the baby shower, because this ultra-soft gift is something every parent wants to touch! !

The fabric is hygroscopic, breathable and soft, soft to the touch and warm. Baby sweating will not stick to the body, and newborn babies need gentle care;

The upper body has a sticker design for easy wrapping.

The legs are designed in the shape of pockets for a loose fit. Wrap the upper body to replace the diaper.

Don’t know what you’re having or simply want a swaddle wrap that lasts thru every bundle of joy?We created these sweet, timeless designs to look good on whatever type of baby you bring into this world; boy or girl. No need to spoil the surprise!

Meticulously Tested, Impeccably Safe

We meticulously and continuously inspect every swaddle sack for purity, safety, quality and durability, ensuring you get years of use without irritating babies’ super-delicate skin.

The Best, Most Useful, Cherished Baby Shower Gift Ever

Perfect for if you don’t know what to get, or simply want her to think of your generosity every time baby softly falls asleep.

  • Baby Swaddle Wrap, Newborn Blankets for 0-6 Months, Adjustable Infant Sleep Sack, 3 Pack
  • Unisex
  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • Softest and Premium Quality
  • The best gift for a newborn

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